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European Crystal Network Workshop 2024

7-8 March 2024

ICM Institute
Pitié Salpêtrière hospital
Paris - France

Dear colleagues

Since 15 years, ECN Workshop offers an unique opportunity for clinicians and researchers interested all crystal types, crystal-induced inflammation and crystal-induced diseases including gout, to present their latest results and discuss novel concepts.

This year, one of the main sessions will be "IL-1 in All Stages", Keynote lectures, led by renowned experts Luke O'NEIL, Mihai NETEA, Musa MHLANGA and Charles DINARELLO.

Why attend?

A Networking platform with professionals from around the world. Learn the latest practices, technologies, solutions, and regulations concerning your field of expertise.
Young researchers are very welcome! Take part and present your work, many networking time slots will be set up.

Looking forward to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the ECN Workshop together!

Frédéric LIOTÉ, Paris / Fernando PEREZ-RUIZ, Biskay

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European Crystal Network edition 2023

Organizing Commitee

  • Frédéric Lioté
  • Frédéric Lioté

    Paris, France

  • Perez-Ruiz Fernando
  • Perez-Ruiz Fernando

    Biskay, Spain

Scientific Commitee

  • Bertrand
  • Bertrand Jessica

    Münster, Germany

  • Crisan
  • Crisan Tania

    Cludj, Romania

  • Nasi
  • Nasi Sonia

    Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Choi
  • Choi Hyon K.

    Boston, USA

  • Doherty
  • Doherty Michael

    Nottingham, UK

  • Ea
  • Ea Hang-Korng

    Paris, France

  • Kempf
  • Kempf Hervé

    Nancy, France

  • Lioté
  • Lioté Frédéric

    Paris, France

  • Merriman
  • Merriman Tony

    Otago, New Zealand

  • Pascart
  • Pascart Tristan

    Lille, France

  • Perez-Ruiz
  • Perez-Ruiz Fernando

    Biskay, Spain

  • Terkeltaub
  • Terkeltaub Robert

    San Diego, USA

Emeritus members

  • Busso
  • Busso Nathalie

    Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Joosten
  • Joosten Leo

    Nijmegen, The Netherlands

  • So
  • So Alexander

    Lausanne, Switzerland

Venue (new location)

ICM Institute

Located in Pitié Salpêtrière hospital
50 Bd Vincent Auriol - 75013 Paris

Phone: +33 (0)1 57 27 40 00

Public transports

Main access
50 Bd Vincent Auriol > Métro line 6 : Chevaleret

Second access (secteur Pitié)
83 bd de l'Hôpital > Métro line 5 : Saint-Marcel


Registration workshop gives you:

> Access to the conferences at the ICM Institute, Pitié - Salpêtrière hospital - Paris,

> Coffee breaks, lunch

> Unlimited Video On Demand replay

Presentations guidelines

Oral presentation

> After abstract selection

> 12 minutes in total for your presentation (7 min. + 5 min. for discusion).

> Your presentation should be prepared in Powerpoint® file format.